Blake Shelton Just Sent Gwen Stefani ‘Prettiest’ Valentine’s Gift Ever

Gwen Stefani / Instagram

Blake Is The Best Romantic Gift-Giver

After three years of dating, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are seasoned pros at celebrating Valentine’s Day by now. Sadly, the couple hasn’t been able to spend the romantic holiday together in years past, but they still make the most of it.

Back in 2017, Stefani told Entertainment Tonight she “got some beautiful flowers and lots of texts,”  from Shelton after they spent the day apart. He also sent her flowers in 2018, since he was away preparing for his tour at the time.

She filmed the moment she discovered that the floral arrangement had arrived. As sweet as her response was, her son’s reaction was the best!

It turns out that the couple found themselves in the exact same situation this year, as Blake was away in Oklahoma to kick off the first date of his Friends and Heroes Tour.

But he still made sure that Stefani was showered with love and affection, and sent her yet another extravagant floral arrangement. We think Stefani summed up her gift best, describing them as “the prettiest, most happiest, prettiest flowers.

She filmed a short video to gush about the thoughtful gift, which you can find by swiping through the slideshow below.

But before Stefani shared that quick clip of the gorgeous flowers Shelton gave her to celebrate the day of love, she shared what she gave him!

A Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

In an earlier Valentine’s Day slideshow, Stefani wished her love a happy day, calling him her “favorite.” She also posted a cute and casual photo of the two of them together, and Shelton’s hair was out of control messy! We haven’t seen him sport a hairstyle that wild since his mullet days!

The second photo displayed Stefani’s sugary-sweet gift to Shelton this year…a heart-shaped cookie cake! The delicious dessert featured a simple message in icing, reading “Gwen Loves Blake.”

She knows a way to a man’s heart!

As Stefani told Jimmy Kimmel prior to Christmas, Shelton is impossible to buy presents for. She feels like he already has everything he needs, which is why it’s so hard to find him a nice gift that he’d enjoy.

But it seems that he always appreciates gifts that he can eat. Stefani said that someone had sent him a Christmas tree made out of Cheetos puffs, which are one of his favorite snacks. When Stefani went to look for the tree, it was gone, making her believe he took it back with him to Oklahoma!

You can listen to her tell that hysterical story in the video below. Maybe for Valentine’s Day next year, Stefani can make Shelton a great big heart using nothing but those puffs. He’d probably love that!