Blake Shelton Sings Chuck Berry’s “Run Run Rudolph” With “Voice” Finalist Ricky Duran

The Voice / YouTube

The Season 17 Voice finale fell just the week before Christmas. So it only made sense for the coaches and the final four contestants to celebrate the holiday season on the show.

During the first night of the finale, the finalists joined their coaches to perform Christmas-themed duets. In Blake Shelton and Ricky Duran’s case, they decided to cover an upbeat tune about Santa’s trusty lead reindeer.

Of course, the song we’re talking about is “Run Run Rudolph,” made famous by Chuck Berry.

Berry was the first to release the song, and it was recorded under the name “Run Rudolph Run.” That rendition was released in 1958, and many others followed.

Since Berry’s original release, “Run Run Rudolph” has been covered dozens of times, and by artists of all genres. Singers such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Jimmy Buffett have all offered up their own renditions of the song.

Voice coach Kelly Clarkson is actually responsible for recording one of the most recognizable renditions of “Run Run Rudolph.” Her version was released in 2013 on her holiday record Wrapped In Red.

But Clarkson wasn’t the one who performed “Run Run Rudolph” during the Voice finale. Instead, Shelton and Duran were the ones who teamed up to sing their own rendition of the lively holiday tune.

The song was the perfect choice for the pair, since Duran has a rock and roll sound and is also a skilled guitar player. He got the chance to show off some of his guitar playing in his “Run Run Rudolph” duet with his coach.

Fans loved the duo’s collaboration, and couldn’t stop buzzing about it on social media.”You and Ricky doing Run Run Rudolph was totally fantastic!!!” Twitter user Dodie1128 wrote to Shelton.

See a few viewer reactions to their performance below:

Now it’s time for you to check out Shelton and Duran’s “Run Run Rudolph” duet. Be sure to watch it in the video below!

This duet made it clear that Shelton and Duran need to record a duet one day. They make a great team!