Mama Dog Saves Her Owners From House Fire, But Dies Trying To Save Puppies

abc13 / Video Screenshot

Dog Saves Owners From House Fire

A family from Houston, Texas was saved last night when their dog warned them that the house was on fire and gave them just enough time to make it out alive.

Firefighters got the call at 12:39am to come to 6800 block on Peyton Street due to a fire that possibly started due to old grease left out in the kitchen.

When they arrived on the scene the flames were so strong they had to cut a hole in the roof and fully soak the home in order to stop it from spreading to nearby homes.

Owner Tries To Save The Dog To No Avail

The people who lived in the home were an elderly man, his wife, their son, and a momma dog with her two puppies. They were all asleep when the fire began and the momma dog started barking, waking everyone up.

Fortunately, all the people made it out of the home, however, the momma dog ran back inside in what appeared to be an attempt to save her babies. Unfortunately, she and her offspring did not make it out of the fire.

Willie Blackman, the son of the elderly couple said he tried to go back into the house to save the dogs. He crawled on the floor with hot flames, smoke, and debris falling from the ceiling on him. With the fire getting too dangerous he was forced to turn around and get out for his own safety.

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