Blake Shelton’s “Phenomenal” Artist Stolen By Niall Horan During “Voice” Battles

The Voice / YouTube

Team Blake’s EJ Michels and Tasha Jessen faced off during one of the first battles of Season 23 of The Voice. They performed Smokey Robinson’s “The Tracks of My Tears,” and crushed it!

The coaches were amazed by the duo’s performance. After it ended, all voiced how difficult it was going to be for Blake Shelton to pick the winner.

I really do feel like it was evenly matched,Kelly Clarkson said. “That’s hard Blake.”

Chance the Rapper said, “I thought it was an award show-level performance.” He went on to say that he’d pick Michels as the winner of the battle

Niall Horan expressed his regret that he didn’t turn for Michels during the blind auditions. Speaking about his battle performance, Horan said, “You were phenomenal dude.” He told Shelton he’d also pick Michels as the winner.

Then it came time for Shelton to offer his comments. He praised the unique tone of Jessen’s voice, saying, “…there truly is something special about you.”

He then went on to compliment Michels, telling him, “…I don’t know that I’ve ever been more shocked with somebody from the blinds. It’s just like ‘Where the h— did this guy come from?‘”

Shelton had a tough choice to make from there. In the end, he did the opposite of what the other coaches suggested and chose Jessen as the winner of the battle!

But Shelton seemed to know what he was doing. He knew that Michels is too talented to let go.

Sure enough, both Chance and Horan jumped to use their steals on Michels. Each coach can only use one steal during the battles, so this proves just how much faith they had in his talent.

Chance told Michels he believes he has the potential to win the show. Horan heaped more praise on him, saying he “did an unbelievable job” in the battle.

After some thought, Michels chose Horan as his new coach! Shelton seemed relieved to know that Michels will continue on The Voice under Horan’s guidance.

Head below to watch Jessen and Michel’s epic battle performance and everything that unfolded after it ended.