Bow Hunter Takes Out TWO Rattlesnakes With ONE Arrow

Red Arrow with Hoyt Archery / Facebook

Kip Campbell was hunting with a film crew and team of expert hunters in Texas filming Season 8 for the TV series Red Arrow when he shot and killed two deadly rattlesnakes with one arrow.

Video footage showed the group of men walking up onto the snakes that were wrestling each other and not caring at all that they were being targeted.

While the reptiles raised their bodies high into the air trying to outmatch one other, Campbell pulled his compound bow back and took aim at the venomous creatures.

He released his arrow and the projectile flew right past the snakes which didn’t even seem to phase them because they were so involved with battling each other.

“I took a shot at them, and they never even flinched,” he said in the video. “I kind of understand, I get it.”

Red Arrow / YouTube

Pulling back his bow again he took aim at the reptiles and this time waited for them to line up perfectly before taking the shot.

This time, the arrow struck them both in the back and pinned them to the ground together and at that point, they were really pissed off.

The snakes started striking each other and trying to get away but they couldn’t–it was the end of the fight for them.

“How cool is that? I shot two rattlesnakes with a bow and arrow. Pinned them both together. That’s two less I have to worry about when walking around here,” he said. “One of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my entire life.” 

Red Arrow uploaded the video to Facebook on May 3, 2017, and then reuploaded it again to their YouTube channel on Oct 15, 2020.

Watch The 2 Rattlesnakes 1 Shot Footage Below