Boy Drifting Away On Ice Rescued By Man With Fishing Rod

Snake Catcher Noosa / Reuters

Richard Garda, a fisherman from Ukraine saved the day with his angling skills by reeling in a child who was stuck floating on a piece of ice in the middle of the lake.

Snake Catcher Noosa / Reuters

How Did The Child Get There?

The boy was playing near the edge of the water when he decided to step onto a piece of ice near the shoreline. As the boy did, the block of ice he was standing on broke off and he began to drift away from the land.

The temperature was 32° Fahrenheit that day, the water was freezing, and there was nothing the boy could do except yell for help. Fortunately, Richard spotted the boy in distress and thought of a genius way to get the boy back to shore. 

Snake Catcher Noosa / Facebook

Wearing a chest cam and recording everything, Richard took his fishing pool and cast his line towards the boy. It worked like a charm! Like an extraordinary rescue operation, Richard reeled the boy all the way back to shore while another bystander steps in to grab him by the hand and helped him back onto dry land.

Richard can be heard telling the boy before the camera cuts off, “It’s over now, but you deserve a spanking.”

YouTube channel Reuters shared the footage that Richard took from a chest cam and you can watch the incident in the video below.

Watch Fisherman Rescue Boy Below