Duane “Dog” Chapman Shares Throwback Photo From His Childhood

Duane "Dog" Chapman / Facebook, duanedogchapman / Instagram

Duane “Dog” Chapman surprised fans on Saturday, March 20, 2021, with a throwback photo from his childhood. The reality star, and bounty hunter posted an old, wrinkled, black and white picture on Instagram, showing himself as a toddler sitting on the toilet. Even though there’s no long blonde hair, sunglasses, or leather vest, one can clearly tell the child is in fact Chapman by the mischievous look on his face giving him away.

“Ok I started it let’s see what YOU looked like when you were 1,” Chapman wrote.

Chapman was born in Denver, Colorado in 1953, which would mean the photo is around 67-years-old.

Much has changed for Dog since his throwback photo but through hard work and a positive attitude, he has showed fans that it is possible to rise above life’s hard situations. Today, the 68-year-old bounty hunter is known for his signature mullet, and distinctive outfits as he chases down criminals on TV. His latest series is called Dog Unleashed and is expected to premiere this April.

Check out the trailer for it below!