Brad Paisley Has Comical ‘Congrats’ Message For Carrie Underwood After Birth Of Son

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Brad’s History Of Spilling Carrie’s Secrets

After three heartbreaking losses in 2017 and 2018, Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher were finally able to say that they were expecting their second child together. Carrie announced the news in August, which is when she also revealed her plans to embark on a new tour in May 2019.

For a while, Carrie and Mike kept the gender of their new addition a secret, and refused to cave when pressed to spill the beans. But Carrie finally let the news slip during the CMA Awards in November while she was participating in her opening bit with fellow co-host Brad Paisley.

The two friends and longtime co-hosts of the awards stuck to tradition by revealing the gender of Carrie’s second child during the broadcast. Back when Carrie was pregnant with her first child, son Isaiah, Brad “accidentally” revealed that Carrie was expecting a boy during their opening segment.

Since that “accidental” reveal was such a hit with viewers, the two decided to do something similar for Carrie’s second child. Only this time they arranged things so the blame was placed on Carrie instead of Brad.

Wanting to know if she was having a boy or girl, Brad asked if she was expecting a “Johnny or June” or a “George or Tammy.” Then he took a turn and asked if she was going to welcome a “Waylon or Willie.”

Finally giving in, Carrie confessed, “It’s a Willie!” revealing that baby #2 would be her second son.

Baby Jacob Arrives!

Following the CMA Awards, Carrie enjoyed a quiet holiday season at home with Mike and Isaiah as they waited for the arrival of their new family member. That happy day finally came on Monday (January 21), with Carrie and Mike announcing their son’s birth two days later (January 23).

Carrie was the first to share the news, along with three photos of her new baby boy. They named him Jacob Bryan Fisher, and it’s clear that Carrie, Mike, and Isaiah are already smitten with him.

Mike also shared an image of his baby boy a little while later, sharing how much of a blessing he is to him, Carrie, and Isaiah.

The last few years has has had its challenges and it makes this moment even more sweet!” he wrote. “We didn’t know if Izzy would ever have another sibling but we learned through it all that God is in control and his timing is perfect!

As soon as Carrie announced Jacob’s birth, congratulations came pouring in from fans and fellow artists alike. But the one congratulatory message everyone was waiting on was one from Brad.

Brad Sends His Congrats With Comedy

Sure enough, not long after the news broke about Carrie’s new baby, Brad was quick to congratulate her. And he did so in a pretty comical way!

Referencing their gender reveal at the CMA Awards, Brad wrote, “Like I said, it’s a Willie! Er…a Jacob!” before congratulating Carrie, Mike, and Isaiah on their new arrival.

Typical Brad, always finding a way to crack a joke!

We too, would like to join Brad in congratulating Carrie, Mike, and Isaiah on the birth of little Jacob. We can’t wait to watch him grow and learn as the years tick by!

After Isaiah was born, Carrie gathered a bunch of his baby photos and saved them for a special video to accompany her song “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.” You can enjoy that precious video below to see how much Isaiah has grown in such a short amount of time.

Who knows, maybe baby Jacob’s photos will make an appearance in another one of Carrie’s videos some day!