Redneck Attempts To Give Followers Makeup Tips

Youtube / Catfish Cooley

It’s about time someone gives some “real” advice on how to look your best. Although there are endless makeup tutorials on YouTube, this new one has all the tips and tricks you need. From filling in your eyebrows to a gloss-stained mustache, comedian Catfish Cooley is revealing his favorite way to look sexy… and on a budget.

Youtube / Catfish Cooley

The Redneck Lifestyle

Catfish Cooley is about to be your new favorite makeup guru. The hysterical redneck has been posting videos on social media for years, gaining national attention with every ridiculous stunt he pulls. He’s sure made quite the name for himself as a comedian, even going on tour with two other comedians.

The Louisiana native first went viral when he started his YouTube series Whiskey Wednesdays, where fans originally met his famous redneck character. Cooley focuses on the redneck lifestyle, often poking fun at the higher class folk.

Sexy On A Budget

In a recent video, he teaches his viewers how to look sexy on a budget. As he begins the “tutorial,” he opens an eyeshadow palette and beings rubbing over his cheekbones. He then reaches for his bright red lipstick which he warns his fellow ladies, “Don’t be scared of gettin’ it on your mustache.”

As he continues putting on eyeshadow and eyeliner, he gets more excited with his impressive work… even giving fans a close up of his bright eyes. After drawing shapes on his cheeks with the eyeliner, he encourages “blending it” for a better look.

Youtube / Catfish Cooley

After making all the final touches, Cooley goes outside to get approval from his wife and neighbors. With a wig and full face of makeup, he gets quite the brow raise. Nonetheless, this confident redneck is proud of his masterpiece.

This redneck gave quite the makeover advice you just have to see to believe. Watch the full tutorial below!