Brad Paisley Performs National Anthem Before 2018 World Series Game

Facebook / FOX Sports

It wasn’t the first time this country star got the opportunity to sing our national anthem at a World Series Game. Country music singer, Brad Paisley has been lucky enough to perform at three World Series games. The first being in 1999 and the second being in 2017. Being that the singer is a lifelong fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the last two years have been a dream for him.

At the 2018 World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers faced off against the Boston Red Sox. Paisley performed the “Star-Spangled Banner” at Game Three of the series. The “Whiskey Lullaby” singer prepared for his big performance by taking to Instagram teasing his fans. He posted a photo of a blue guitar with a paisley-style design and LA Dodger’s logo.

The singer stepped out onto the field with just an amp and his blue guitar. Rocking his own Dodger’s jersey, he began to strum his guitar to the anthem. His twangy country vocals gave his rendition of the song a different touch. As the singer hit the high notes, fireworks lit up the stadium exciting the crowd. Paisley admits that the most memorizing part of the performance for him occurred when the F-15’s flew over as he sang “home of the brave.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like the roar of that timed out with the lyric that said ‘of the brave’…”

After his breathtaking performance, Paisley got to stay and hang out to watch the game at Dodger Stadium. The game went into a record-breaking 18 innings, eventually leading to a Dodgers win. Being the longest game in World Series history, the singer couldn’t help but crack a joke to his fans on social media.

He wrote, “18 innings ago. Flashback Friday to a game that ended ..Saturday ..”

Watch Brad Paisley’s impressive rendition of the national anthem below.