Brad Paisley Stuns Graduating Students With Hysterical Piece Of Advice


Country music star Brad Paisley crashed a high school graduation and sent a group of graduates off with hilarious, but very crucial, bits of advice. The singer greeted the tenacious group of 754 men and women, treating them to a performance of his various new hits and shedding his knowledge on their malleable minds.

“If I could go back in time to myself in high school, I would say, ‘Embrace the zit on your nose and make fun of it. Don’t try to hide it because using your mother’s makeup on your nose is not helping‘,” the singer comically advised. However, Paisley was sure to incorporate no shortage of wise thoughts and recommendations, admitting, “There’s a quote that’s been attributed to me… which is… ‘Today is the first page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.'” The singer clarified life experiences and assured his audience that, despite any trying times, the good memories will always outweigh the bad.



“Some pages are those that really matter. Some pages are the highlights of your life and the highlights, if I’ve learned anything, they make up for the low points.” After his powerful speech, the singer incorporated both his old and new songs “Letter To Me”, “Today”, and “Last Time For Everything”. The spontaneous performances and words of wisdom rung deeply with his listeners, both thrilled and humbled by the complimentary concert and pep talk that we’re sure they will cherish for their lifetimes.

You can watch the passionate and downright comical speech below.