Brantley Gilbert Is Beggin’ His ‘Nana’ To Make This Delicious Thanksgiving Dish

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Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving dish that they just have to have when the holiday rolls around. Some people go crazy for the turkey, while others pile up their plates with heaps of mashed potatoes and gravy.

And who could forget about all of the delicious desserts that come along with Thanksgiving? Pumpkin and pecan pie, cranberry sauce, cookies and cakes galore. We could go on and on!

While most Thanksgiving tables contain the staples of turkey and potatoes, each family has their own traditional dish that is unique to them. Some families always have to have a sweet potato casserole to offer. Other families make sure to whip up a big batch of oyster dressing or a seven layer salad to have on hand. When it comes to Brantley Gilbert‘s family, it’s his “nana” that makes the one unique dish that he just can’t resist.

Gilbert sat down with Big Machine Label group on Monday to talk about what he’s looking forward to the most this Thanksgiving. Like most people, Gilbert is excited about all of the food he’s going to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. But the one thing he can hardly wait to taste is his nana’s signature dish, and he practically begged her to make it!

My nana makes this killer hash brown, I think it’s hash brown casserole,” Gilbert said. “Now that’s where it’s at. If that ain’t on the table. I don’t know what I do. I honestly don’t.”

Now that sounds like a delicious country-fried dish! We sure hope for Gilbert’s sake that his nana brings plenty of hash brown casserole to their Thanksgiving dinner. We wouldn’t want him to be disappointed!

Beyond his nana’s home cookin’, Gilbert definitely has a lot to be thankful for this year. He celebrated his first wedding anniversary to his wife, Amber, in June, and welcomed her into his music video for “The Weekend.” As for the song itself, it’s currently climbing up the country charts, and is poised to become Gilbert’s next big hit.

If the pattern continues, Gilbert will have a good deal of things to be thankful for at next year’s Thanksgiving. He’s preparing for a January release of his new album The Devil Don’t Sleep, and it’s one of the most-anticipated country albums of the year.

“The Weekend” serves as the first single off of the album, and we can’t wait to hear the rest! Watch Gilbert and his beautiful wife star in its music video below.

But first, be sure you listen to Gilbert’s interview with Big Machine about his Thanksgiving plans in the sound clip below. We’re getting hungry just listening to him talk about his nana’s hash brown casserole! Share your favorite Thanksgiving dishes with us in the comments.