Brantley Gilbert’s Music Video Shows Intimate Moment With Pregnant Wife

BrantleyGilbertVEVO / YouTube

Even though Brantley Gilbert‘s album The Devil Don’t Sleep was released in January 2017, he has only released two singles off of it so far. The first one, “The Weekend,” was quite the hit, and climbed as high as the seventh spot on the Country Airplay chart.

While “The Weekend” was a party song, the second single Brantley released off of The Devil Don’t Sleep has a bit of a softer side. Titled “The Ones That Like Me,” the song is all about celebrating good friends, the ones who will be there with you through thick or thin.

In the song, Brantley acknowledges that while some people may “hate” him, it’s because they don’t know him. It’s his friends, or the ones that like him, who have learned to love him for who he is.

So far, fans have responded well to “The Ones That Like Me,” which has climbed as high as the 23rd spot on the Country Airplay chart. We have a feeling it will start climbing a bit higher after fans catch a glimpse of the music video for the song.

Released on Wednesday (January 31), the video for “The Ones That Like Me” was shot completely in black and white. The video opens with Brantley walking through a massive field before he is eventually joined by a bunch of his friends. All of the fellas hop on their motorcycles and take off through town, making sure to stop at a small diner on the way.

For the most part, the video follows Brantley and his friends on the travels, and shows how much fun they all have together. Closer to the end, everyone comes together for a gathering at someone’s house, which is where we see Brantley’s wife, Amber, for the first time.

Once everyone leaves, Brantley and Amber share a tender moment on the porch swing that will make your heart melt when you see it.

Amber was pregnant with their son Barrett at the time this video was filmed, and she was absolutely glowing. At one point, Brantley reached over to rub her belly, and Amber looked at him with complete adoration in her eyes.

It was such a sweet moment, and we’re so glad they captured it for the music video. Now you can witness it by watching the video below.