You’ll Feel Like A Champ When Everyone At Your Super Bowl Party Devours This Chicken Dip

Food Wishes / YouTube

Everyone knows that no Super Bowl party is complete without some good food. Each year, football fans gather to watch the big game and chow down on tasty treats, most of which are usually simple, but delicious.

But after experiencing years of Super Bowl parties, the same foods can start to get old. Seriously, who gets excited about a bag of potato chips anymore? Because of this, Super Bowl party hosts know they need to step up their game to keep their friends and family satisfied.

One go-to dish that never seems to disappoint is buffalo chicken dip. In fact, buffalo chicken dip is such a staple that it’s actually the most popular Super Bowl food in two U.S. states. Based on a report by General Mills, buffalo chicken dip is the top Super Bowl food in Massachusetts and Montana.

While there are only two states where buffalo chicken dip is the top contender, the dish is still popular on a nationwide scale. Based on General Mill’s report, buffalo chicken dip is in a three-way tie for the most popular Super Bowl party dish in the country, along with sausage cheese balls and Chex Mix.

If you’re looking to spice up your Super Bowl party this year, we have the perfect recipe for you. Crafted by the folks at Food Wishes, this buffalo chicken dip comes with an extra hot kick that makes it stand out in the competition.

A huge difference between this dip and most other buffalo chicken dip recipes is the fact that this recipe uses roasted or rotisserie chicken instead of canned. It also uses both blue cheese dressing and crumbled bleu cheese…so all of you bleu cheese fans are sure to dig this dip!

The extra spice in this recipe comes from cayenne pepper and pepper jack cheese, which are two ingredients you don’t find in most buffalo chicken dips. That extra spicy flavor is what will have your party attendees devouring this dip in no time!

Here’s the full recipe for the dip.

To learn how to make the dip, follow the instructional video below. Once you finish baking it, grab some crackers, chips, or celery sticks and enjoy!

Trust us, this dip is going to be the real winner of your Super Bowl Sunday!