“Brendan You Are A Light,” Miranda Lambert Says In Birthday Post For Husband

Miranda Lambert / Instagram

Miranda Lambert will take every opportunity she can get to gush about her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. She isn’t shy about expressing her attraction for him either, as she made clear in an Instagram post about him helping on the farm.

The pictures she shared show Brendan without a shirt on as he loaded up some hay to feed their horses this winter. Miranda captioned the pictures with various hashtags, including, “#shirtlessfarmhusband” and “#yourewelcome


Brendan celebrated his birthday just a few days later, which gave Miranda another chance to talk about much she loves him.

She posted a slideshow of photos, including some of the two of them together and some of Brendan on his own. One of Brendan’s solo snapshots shows him snuggling one of their dogs, Delta Dawn, while another picture shows him standing in front of some cattle.

Apparently Brendan is a big fan of the latter animal, as Miranda captioned her slideshow, “…and I love your obsession with cows.”

But before that, she spoke about how much she adores Brendan, writing, “Happy Birthday to my sweet husband. The man I love so much with the most contagious smile. Brendan you are a light.”

Look below to see the post Miranda devoted to Brendan on his birthday.


Miranda included the hashtag “#nyc” in her post, referencing the fact that Brendan is from New York City. After they married, Miranda and Brendan split their time between Tennessee and New York.

Miranda has said before that being in New York influenced the sound of her latest record, Wildcard. One of the songs on the album is called “Mess with My Head,” and we can’t help but think she had Brendan in mind when she wrote the steamy love song. Give it a listen below!

We hope Brendan had a wonderful birthday with Miranda and their many pets!