Bride & Father Start Slow Dancing Before Snapping Into MC Hammer Routine

YouTube/BP Film & Photo

Starting out as a tender moment with a slow song, the music cuts out abruptly followed by a screech over the loudspeakers. The next thing guests knew the father and bride were in the middle of a jaw-dropping performance!

Clearly, this father-daughter duo knows how to please a crowd and the roaring applause that filled the room was a testament to how great this surprise dance number was.

The dance starts off with this stunning bride and her beloved father sharing in a sweet moment of the traditional father/daughter dance at weddings, but in a split second the music changes and they launch themselves into a choreographed number that shocked every single guest!

Kicking off their surprise dance session, these two jump right into MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”, tossing on some snazzy shades, and cranking out some crazy good moves to “Hammertime” and shuffling across the dance floor in a performance that can only be described as epic.

The most surprising element of this incredible father/daughter dance twist is that the father of the bride had some serious moves and wasn’t afraid to showcase his hidden talent in front of the entire crowd of family and friends.

Clearly these two had been practicing for some time to get all of this synchronized and choreographed into the wonderful sequence it was – and the bride’s father was committed to making sure his little girl had a moment she’ll remember the rest of her life!

Watch this unforgettable father/daughter dance in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.