Brown Bear Goes Into Grocery Store, Steals Bag Of Chips,Then Leaves

KRNV News 4 / Facebook

Adina Baidoo was walking out of a grocery store in California around 9:30pm when she unexpectedly saw a massive brown bear right outside of the door.

“Someone made a high pitched sound that startled me so I looked up, and it is a good thing because I almost walked into the bear,” Adina told KUTV.

She said the encounter happened at the Safeway grocery store located at Kings Beach on Lake Tahoe. Adina immediately began filming the bear eating trash it had found next to the garbage can as she walked to her van to put her cart of groceries away.

Adina walked back to film the bear a second time and at this point, it had already made its way into the store. She continued to film the bear as it wandered around the front of the store smelling stuff.

Eventually, the bear grabbed a bag of Tostitos chips and slowly walked out of the store. Another visitor outside of the store saw them and started honking their car horn in attempts to scare it off.

The bear wasn’t intimidated and took its time but slowly started walking away from the store. You can watch footage of the incident in the video below.