Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Pranks Him With Thong In Underwear Ad

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline hilariously co-star in a new underwear commercial that harkens to the teasing and pranking they’ve been doing on social media.

The two of them share the same sense of humor, and enjoy taking part in silly antics together. Recently in their time of self-isolation, they’ve started to bump up the frequency of their pranks.

For the latest prank, an underwear company helped Caroline out by sending over some of their products for Luke to wear. In a 30-second commercial for Jockey, Caroline walks into the room with a box of underwear that Luke is supposed to wear for a photoshoot. “Hey babe, we got new stuff for the Jockey shoot,” she tells him.

Luke appears to be really excited and puts down the TV remote to look at what Jockey sent over. The first thing Caroline pulls from the box is a pair of gray boxer briefs which Luke refers to as his “go-to” pair. Then Caroline pulls out a second pair that she likes even better – a silky pair of navy blue boxer briefs. The two of them flirt over the thought of him wearing the silky underwear then the moment comes to an abrupt halt as Caroline pulls out the final pair.

“Here’s your new go-to,” Caroline says, holding a pair of black thong underwear.

“This is a prank, is what that is. I’m not wearing …” Bryan is interrupted by Caroline who slingshots the thong into his face.

“‘Bout took my eye out with that dental floss,” he says.

Watch the commercial in the video below.