Bubba J Gets Caught Admiring Tom Brady In Hysterical Super Bowl Ad

Getty Images / Adam Glanzman, YouTube/ Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham‘s house will be filled with a huge assortment of wild characters for this year’s Super Bowl – one of them being everyone’s favorite redneck, Bubba J.

As he does every year, Dunham gets all of his friends together for a watch party and this year is no different. Bubba J, Peanut, Achmed, Walter, and José all took part in this new Super Bowl Sunday video posted by Jeff and let’s just say it had some hysterical moments!

This famous ventriloquist has been known for featuring hysterical clips of his most-famous puppets that poke fun at current events, controversies, and pop-culture topics. This Super Bowl-themed clip is no exception.

On top of this funny adventure with all his friends, Dunham also revealed that he will be filming his next Netflix special in his hometown: Dallas, Texas! So, there’s something on the horizon for all y’all superfans out there!

Tackling the upcoming Super Bowl LIII (#53) Bubba J and his friends give their own commentary on the matter – but in one moment, Bubba J didn’t realize the cameras were rolling and got caught admiring some of New England Patriots star Tom Brady’s assets!

“You know – Tom Brady also has a purdy mouth…” Bubba J says looking off camera to someone standing nearby.

It’s then that his hilarious reaction takes hold and he realizes the camera is hot!

Check out the full 6:30 video from Jeff Dunham and his pals below!