You Can Now Buy Your Kids A Farmer Barbie – Hurry Before They’re All Sold Out

Barbie / Facebook

For 60 years, Barbie dolls have been a main source of fun for kids all over the world! In March 1959, Mattell’s doll line was introduced with both blonde and brunette dolls.

Since then, there have been hundreds, even thousands of different dolls created and in recent years, the doll company has released what they call Career Barbie Dolls. There are nurse dolls, doctor dolls, scientist dolls, bee keeper dolls, tennis player dolls, ballerina dolls, archeology dolls, and so many more.

One of the Career Barbie Dolls they released in June 2018 caught our eye – a Barbie farmer doll!

Mooo-ve over old MacDonald! In this story, barbie has a farm, and on her farm #YouCanBeAnything,” the captioned the photo announcing the Barbie farmer doll.

According to the product details on Barbie’s website, “Barbie farmer doll comes with a tractor, detachable wagon, 5 animals and feeding accessories to help young imaginations grow fun on the farm!

In an article for Beef Magazine, a mother named Amanda Radke writes, “This Barbie checks off all the boxes for me — she reflects our values; she represents our agricultural life; she promotes an aspirational career field; and she fits in nicely with our daughter’s Barbie collection and our son’s tractor obsession. She’s a win-win in my book!

Having a career in ranching herself, Radke appreciated that Barbie was showing kids that women can be farmers, too! You can purchase the farmer Barbie here for $27.99 from Target. Barbie’s website says the Walmart and Kmart also sell the doll.