Luke Bryan Loses Family’s Luggage With His Mom In The Car

(Left) Luke Bryan / Instagram/(Right) LeClarie Bryan / Instagram

Luke Brings The Party To Mexico

Over the last weekend in January 2019, Luke Bryan threw what has come to be known as one of country music’s go-to festivals…Crash My Playa. For the past five years, country fans have travelled from far and wide to enjoy the sun, sand, and some kickin’ country music with Luke and his buddies in Mexico.

This 2019 lineup sported a number of notable names, including Luke Combs, Thomas Rhett, Lauren Alaina, and of course, Luke himself.

From the looks of all of the pictures and videos that flooded social media during the four-day festival, everyone who attended had a blast.

Luke’s Mom Knows How To Party

But perhaps no one had more fun that Luke’s lovable and hilarious mother, LeClaire.

Early on in the extended weekend, LeClarie took to Instagram to show she was getting her party on in front of a bunch of pool-going guests. With a beer in both hands, LeClaire looked like she was having the time of her life as she danced along to her son’s song blaring over the speakers.

LeClarie kept the party going even when she wasn’t poolside! A video shared by Luke’s wife, Caroline, shows that LeClaire was still in a fun-loving mode even when the family was relaxing at the table.

When Sir Mix-a-Lot’s famous song “Baby Got Back” started playing, LeClarie couldn’t control her urge to get up and shake her own groove thing. “There she goes!” exclaimed Caroline as her mother-in-law rose from the table and started getting down.

Luke was sitting right next to his mother, and the look on his face said it all! (Click through the slideshow below to see the video).

A Bit Of A Mishap

As much fun as the Bryan family had during Crash My Playa, leaving the festival was a bit more stressful for them.

Luke took to Instagram to share an in-the-moment video revealing they had just experienced a mishap with their luggage. The family loaded up in the car and took off on the highway on the way to their next destination, Hawaii, when the hatch suddenly broke loose.

Before they knew it, the family’s luggage had flown out of the vehicle and was scattered across a Mexican highway! Luke wasn’t driving at the time, which is maybe why he seemed more amused by the situation than upset.

Luke Bryan / Instagram

All our bags fell in the highway!” Luke exclaimed with a laugh. He then called out to “Dot” who was driving the car and took it upon himself to go rescue the bags.

But the best reaction of all came from LeClarie, who you can see in the reflection of Luke’s sunglasses. She was laughing even harder than he was, clearly amused by their slightly unfortunate circumstance.

Luke Bryan / Instagram

Once it was confirmed by Dot that all of the bags had been retrieved, LeClaire let loose, laughing so hard that she made her son laugh in response.

You can watch Luke’s hilarious account of the incident below. We’re glad that they managed to safely get their bags back! Hopefully they look into fixing that broken hatch before they lose any more!