Bubba J Interrogated & Arrested In Jeff Dunham’s 2016 “Disorderly Conduct” Skit

Youtube/Jeff Dunham

Looks like America’s favorite redneck is in trouble with the law!

“Well, at least I brought my designated driver!”

After an event occurring in Fontana, CA, Bubba J was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence before being taken to a Los Angeles police station for official questioning conducted by Officer Jeff Dunham.


After spotting those infamous red and blue lights in his rearview mirror, a panicked Bubba J says, “Uh oh!” before sighing in relief, “Well at least I brought my designated driver!” However, after glancing into his passenger seat, the redneck puppet realizes that is not the case.


A Night In Jail

Fast-forward a few hours, and to Dunham’s dismay, Bubba J isn’t the only one of his beloved puppets in trouble with the law! In addition to the redneck puppet, Achmed, Walter, and Peanut all find themselves facing possible legal action.

Jeff Dunham / YouTube

All the puppets attempt to plead their cases, Bubba J even claiming “racial profiling” as the root reason for his arrest. However, in the end they all are forced to pay for their crimes and get their mugshots taken to document their crimes.

You can watch it all hysterically go down below.