Bubba J’s New Year’s Resolution Was To Stop Drinking “All Alcohol”

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Jeff Dunham’s Redneck Puppet Bubba J Sets Lofty New Year’s Eve Resolution To Completely Give Up Drinking

Every time a new year rolls around, people start setting big goals for themselves to accomplish before the end of the year. These New Year’s resolutions usually center on people’s desires to lose weight or spend more time with family than they did in the year prior.

In a technology-driven age, people often share their New Year’s resolutions with their friends and family through social media. 

People often share their New Year's Eve resolutions on social media
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Some even record a video of themselves declaring what their New Year’s resolution is for the year. These people will then share the video online, showing the world what they aspire to achieve.

If you’re one of the few people that doesn’t make a New Year’s resolution, you can feel a bit left out.

Not wanting to miss out on the excitement of the New Year, Jeff Dunham’s colorful cast of puppets decided to share their many New Year’s resolutions with their fans through…yup…a video message!

Jeff Dunham’s Puppets Participate In The New Year’s Eve Tradition

As one of the most popular comedians and ventriloquists in the world, Jeff Dunham has been making people laugh for decades. His puppets, which range from the beer-drinkin’ redneck Bubba J to a talking jalapeño on a stick, have become just as beloved as Dunham himself.

Jeff Dunham and his redneck puppet Bubba J
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These puppets often play on common stereotypes, such as Bubba J, who loves spending time in the trailer park and watching NASCAR.

Dunham’s puppets have addressed the holiday season before, but mainly focused their banter on Christmas. But for the first time ever, we finally got to hear the puppets make New Year’s resolutions!

Bubba J, José Jalapeño, Walter, Peanut, Sweet Daddy Dee, and Achmed all sat down in front of the camera to reveal their New Year’s resolutions for 2017. The things they said will have you cracking up with laughter, as their resolutions get more outlandish as the video goes on.

To stop pretending I have another shoe,” Peanut declared, referencing the fact that he’s only ever seen with one tennis shoe on.

Walter made a surprising confession, saying “I want to bring more romance into my marriage.” But after a brief pause, Walter revealed that resolution wasn’t anything he’d ever aspire to do! “Oh good Lord, who the h— wrote that one?!” he asked

Bubba J Makes A New Year’s Resolution And Immediately Regrets It

Bubba J was particularly hilarious in the video, especially since he didn’t even know what a New Year’s resolution was at first. Because of his confusion, he jumped into making a declaration, saying he would stop drinking “all alcohol” in 2017!


Quickly realizing his mistake, Bubba J frantically asked if he could retract his resolution.

Watch the video below to see how Bubba J’s dilemma ended, and to hear the other puppets’ hysterical resolutions. As a warning some of the content in the video could be inappropriate for some audiences.