Camping World’s Gander RV Can Fly 40-By-80-Foot Flag, Statesville City Council Rules

Camping World / Facebook

Earlier this year, Camping World’s Gander RV location in Statesville, North Carolina, was sued for refusing to take down the American flag outside of its business. While the city allows flags to be flown by businesses, it stated in May that Gander RV was only given a permit to fly a 40-by-25-foot flag, and no larger.

The flag that Gander RV proudly flies outside of its business is much larger than that, measuring 40 by 80 feet.

Since October 2018, Gander RV was charged $50 per day for every day that it refused to replace the flag. Camping World CEO, Marcus Lemonis, told USA Today the flag would never come down:

The flag isn’t coming down. It’s the only thing I know for certain. I know I’m going to die. I know I’m going to pay taxes. And I know I’m not taking the flag down.”

He also issued a tweet telling the city of Statesville that he refused to take down the large flag outside of Gander RV.

Hey @cityofsvl we have received your lawsuit regarding our #usflag #AmericanFlag. It will not come down,” he wrote.

Lemonis stayed true to his word. The flag continued to fly outside of Gander RV in the months that passed following his public battle with the city of Statesville.

That battle finally came to an end on Monday (October 7). That day, the Statesville City Council granted Gander RV permission to fly its 40-by-80-foot flag.

Fox 26 News out of Charlotte reported on the Statesville City Council’s decision. The outlet states that the council voted to rezone Gander RV, now making its large flag compliant with the city ordinance.

The city will also stop charging Gander RV for flying the flag. However, the business has been ordered to pay $14,000 in fines for breaking the ordinance in the past, as well as $2,000 in legal costs.

Lemonis celebrated the victory on Twitter.

Would love to donate the same size flag to downtown Statesville,” Lemonis wrote after thanking all who spoke out in support of Gander RV’s flag.

You can watch a news report about the council’s ruling on the flag below.