Carrie Underwood Captures Most Precious Moment With Her Baby Boy

Instagram/Carrie Underwood

A truly treasured part of “mom life” as she calls it, this darling moment between a loving mother and her son is one of the cutest photos we have seen in a while!

Posting the loving moment to social media, Carrie Underwood captured the essence of her love and affection for little Isaiah (who’s starting to not be so little) in a photo she’s sure to keep forever!

Growing up in small town in Oklahoma, Underwood spent most of her time outside – especially in the summer! When she spotted her little one doing something she has always loved to do, a sudden feeling of realization came over her!

Planted right square inside a beam of sunshine, 1-year-old Isaiah sat on the rustic boards of the deck with a huge smile; himself literally beaming with happiness! Underwood captured this picturesque moment at the perfect time!

“He soaks in the sunshine,” She writes alongside the photo. “And I realize that he is mine…”

Hard to put such an adorable time into words, but she did a great job playfully adding that she “[doesn’t] deserve such sweetness!”

Gush, gush, gush, we just can’t help but love this delightful mom-son moment! Check it out below!