Photos Of How Conway Twitty’s Style Evolved Through The Years

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Conway Twitty is one of the most recognizable names and faces in country music history. Twitty managed to win over audiences around the world with his signature voice and hit songs such as “Hello Darlin'” and “Slow Hand.”

As one of the biggest country stars of his time, many people were familiar with Twitty and his image. But it was an image that was ever-evolving, since Twitty’s style and appearance changed from when he first started out.

When Twitty initially made his debut, he sported sleek, slicked back hair much like that of Elvis Presley.  As the years went by, the hair grew larger and larger until he started sporting a curly style. It is a hairstyle Twitty continued to rock for the rest of his life, and was often the subject of fascination for many country fans.

We’ve gathered up a few pictures that best illustrate Twitty’s fashion evolution throughout his life. You’ll notice a big change from start to finish!

His Military Days


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After high school, Twitty had been given the opportunity to play baseball with the Philadelphia Phillies. But Twitty had to push those plans aside when he was drafted into the United States Army. While serving in the Far East, Twitty formed a singing group called The Cimmerons to entertain his fellow servicemen.

Seen in the corner of the picture above, holding an acoustic guitar, Twitty looked like your typical, clean-cut military man. After he left the Army, Twitty jumped straight into a music career.

Country Music Debut


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When Twitty first started singing, he got involved in the pop and rock genres. But he always wanted to try country music, and he finally jumped into the community in 1965. After meeting some initial reluctance from DJs who didn’t want to play his records because of his rock and roll persona, Twitty managed to snag a series of chart hits.

Going along with the rock and roll image he had previously constructed, Twitty’s early years in country music had him sporting a similar hairstyle to Elvis. But Twitty’s hair hadn’t reached its full potential yet!

Full Pompadour


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If you thought Twitty looked like “The King” back when he first got started in country music, then you aren’t familiar with his later hairstyle. During the height of Twitty’s popularity in country music, when songs like “Hello Darlin'” rocked the charts and his duets with Loretta Lynn were all over the place, Twitty sported a full-on pompadour that gave Elvis a run for his money.

There are many variations of the style for both men and women, but the whole point is that a person slicks back their hair away from their face and wears it up high over their forehead. Oftentimes, the hair is also upswept around the sides and back. This style was popular in the late 1950s and 1960s, and we’re sure Twitty helped contribute to its popularity among country fans.

Curly New Do

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Although Twitty’s pompadour was a hit in the 50s and 60s, changing times meant it was time for him to change his hairstyle…and he did so in a BIG way.

After one of his singles failed to break into the top ten on the charts, Twitty decided to make a few changes in his life in order to reignite his career. One of those changes included his hairstyle. Gone were the days of the pompadour Elvis look. From that moment on, Twitty started sporting a poofy, curly do. Just like his pompadour style, Twitty’s curly hair generated almost as much attention as his music itself. It seems like his plan worked!

The Secret Behind The Curls


Photo Credit: Digital Recording-Conway Twitty Greatest Hits Volume III

So many fans wondered how Twitty managed to achieve his signature curls. During an interview in 1992, a curious fan sent in a question asking what was surely on many minds, “Is Conway’s hair naturally curly?

That’s when Twitty decided to share the secret behind his curly locks, saying, “It’s naturally curly after I get done puttin’ those rollers in.

But Twitty revealed he was just joking, and that yes, the curls were his natural hair!

After Twitty finished answering questions, he took to the stage and performed one of his songs, and from that moment on no one seemed to care about his hair any longer. Instead, they were all focused on his powerful voice that made him the star he was. You can watch Twitty’s full interview and performance in the video below.

Which one of Twitty’s many looks is your favorite? We’d love to know!