Carrie Underwood Duets With Joan Jett At 2019 CMA Fest

Instagram / Joan Jett

Carrie Underwood has always been open about her die-hard love of classic rock music and even has been known to perform her own version of iconic rock hits during her shows – but during her CMA Fest 2019 showcase, she did something NOBODY saw coming!

Performing in front of a massive crowd of thousands on Friday, June 9th, 2019, Underwood took the wraps off of her surprise guest in the most epic of ways – and called on Joan Jett to help her finish out the set!

Together, the two performed a collection of hits that included “I love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Bad Reputation,” and of course – “I Hate Myself For Loving You.”

“The stars just aligned. It was like, ‘What if Joan Jett came to CMA Fest? Let’s ask her!'” Underwood told The Boot. “So she’s here. The coolness has arrived, and I’m hoping some of it rubs off on me.”

“The more I got to know her and see just how much of a trailblazer she was, for not just women in her genre of music, but of women in music in general. I mean, I’m a fan on every level: personally, professionally, musically,” Underwood says. “I’m honored she’s heard my name before, and that she agreed to come sing with me.”

Check out their epic collab in the videos below – this surprise has to be one of the best in CMA Fest history!