Carrie Underwood & Jennifer Nettles Sing Dolly Parton’s “9 To 5”

Didacgv / YouTube

A Duet To Make Dolly Proud

Even Dolly Parton would have been impressed by Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Nettles‘ performance of her powerful workplace anthem, “9 to 5!” 

Grand Ole Opry / YouTube

The duo performed Parton’s hit song on the famous stage of the Grand Ole Opry during a show that took place in 2014.

With an immense catalog of Parton’s songs to choose from, Underwood and Nettles certainly picked a good one when they opted for “9 to 5.” The tune was released in 1980 after Parton wrote it for a comedic film she starred in, which was also titled 9 to 5. 

A Musical Campaign For Change

Both the song and movie boldly campaigned for women to be treated better in in the workplace. But neither were too serious, as they both provided a few good laughs for those who have been through similar experiences in life.

Clearly a large number of people were able to relate to the song, because it topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and the all-genre Billboard Top 100. The tune also led to four Grammy nominations and two wins for Parton.

It pretty much goes without saying that “9 to 5” is one of the most popular songs of her entire career.

Can Y’all Believe Carrie & Jennifer Didn’t Rehearse?

That’s why we’re sure the Opry crowd was pleasantly entertained when Underwood and Nettles took to the stage to sing their own rendition of the classic song.

Believe it or not, these two powerhouse vocalists didn’t even rehearse before they joined one another at the Opry that day!

Not bad for no rehearsal,” Underwood exclaimed once they finished their performance. We’d have to agree with her, because they rocked it!

Go ahead and watch Underwood and Nettles sing “9 to 5” in the video below. You won’t be disappointed with what you hear…mark our words!