Tim McGraw Flaunts His Never-Ending Love For Faith Hill In Sweet Valentine’s Message

Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

Whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around, country couples flock to social media to pledge their love for their special someone. Some share cute selfies from their Valentine’s date night, while others simply share a photo of the loved one in their life.

Tim McGraw did the latter for this Valentine’s Day, opting to share a candid photo of his wife of 21 years, Faith Hill. While we’re used to seeing photos of Hill all glammed up for concerts or red carpet events, the photo that McGraw shared of his lady love shows her in a more casual state.

This photo was taken on what we assume to be one of the couple’s many vacations to the Bahamas, where they have a home. In the photo, Hill’s hair is tied back and tucked under a large sun hat, as she beams at McGraw while he snaps her picture.

Along with the simplistic photo, McGraw had a simple message to share in acknowledgement of Valentine’s Day. Since the two are music superstars, it made perfect sense that McGraw’s Valentine’s message was inspired by song lyrics.

As McGraw wrote, “My funny valentine, sweet, sweet valentine you make me happy…” This message was clearly inspired by the song “My Funny Valentine,” which was first used in the musical Babes in Arms and eventually became a jazz standard. Over the years, it has been recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Bing Crosby.

We think the musical reference was such a sweet way for McGraw to flaunt his never-ending love for his gorgeous wife.


The couple will also be placing their love on full display when they embark on the second leg of their immensely popular Soul2Soul Tour. Fans can expect plenty of romantic songs in their set, including their latest single, “The Rest of Our Life.” You can catch the the song’s music video below.

We hope McGraw and Hill had a lovely Valentine’s Day together!