Carrie Underwood Just Shared Sweetest Photo Of Son Isaiah’s Birthday Cake

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Hard to believe it, but Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher‘s son Isaiah is almost three! While his birthday isn’t until Tuesday (February 27), the couple already threw him a party over the weekend.

Every year for Isaiah’s birthday, Carrie orders a cake from the Ivey Cake store in Brentwood, Tennessee. Each cake has a different theme, and we always enjoy seeing what they look like.

For Isaiah’s first birthday, the theme of the cake was a play off of his last name, “Fisher.” The cake featured a sea-themed design with a smiling goldfish, along with a banner that read “Isaiah is o’fish’ally one.”

Isaiah’s second birthday cake was themed after one of his favorite shows…Sesame Street. The Cookie Monster-themed cake featured a base resembling a chocolate chip cookie, while a tiny Cookie Monster peeked out of a jar that read “Isaiah’s cookies.”

After two years of ordering adorable cakes, Carrie’s fans were probably anxious to see what Isaiah’s third birthday cake would look like. Well now there’s no need to wait any longer, cause Carrie just shared a photo of his cake over the weekend.

Like last year, Isaiah’s third birthday cake was themed after one of his favorite television shows. Though instead of Sesame Street, this cake took on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.

The brightly-colored cake was appropriately made in three layers, and featured a Mickey Mouse figure in a hot air ballon with the number “3” on the front.

Writing about the cake, Carrie said it was almost “too cute to eat.” Of course, they still ate it anyway!

Seriously, how cute is that cake? We bet it was just as tasty as it looked!

Which one of Isaiah’s birthday cakes have you liked the best? It’s impossible for us to pick a favorite!