Carrie Underwood Reveals Hysterical Bedtime Moment With Isaiah


With her son just turning three years old, this country music queen is experiencing all the fun parts of being a parent – something that many of us can relate to!

Carrie Underwood, who recently debuted a brand new song and made her return to live television after suffering a nasty fall in November, has begun to promote her latest musical project to various radio stations.

As part of her various meetings and interviews with some popular country music talk shows, Underwood gets to share parts of her life that not many would hear about otherwise – like her favorite recent memory with her son, Isaiah.

Sitting down with Nashville’s own Ty, Kelly & Chuck¬†morning show, Underwood and the hosts shared some hysterical stories about their kids – and the funny antics they pull!

“He’s funny…and he knows he’s funny,” Underwood said of her son. “And if he says something funny even if it’s kind of inappropriate and you laugh,¬†which it’s so hard not to – he’s not gonna let it go.”

Continuing her story, Underwood says that she and husband Mike Fisher along with Isaiah were all getting ready for bedtime and saying their prayers before going to sleep.

“We were saying our prayers and I was kind of cuddling with him upstairs and it was all quiet,” she went on. “So it was all quiet and we were like ‘In Jesus’ name, amen’ and all of a sudden he whispers ‘Mom’.”

So, Underwood expected her kid to be sweet and say something like “I love you” because he usually does that, but much to her surprise he said something completely different that sent her into a fit of laughter.

“He says ‘Mom!’ and I said ‘Yeah, babe?’ and he says ‘You stink!'” Underwood recalled with a huge smile. “Out of nowhere! I didn’t stink either!”

With that, all four of them cracked up in laughter over little Isaiah’s funny moment!

Watch Carrie Underwood’s full interview and story below – and tell us if you have a similar memory!