Carrie Underwood Song Helps Woman Stranded In Forest For 8 Days

KOMO News/ Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty

A 20-year-old woman found herself frightened and alone in a seemingly endless forest, finding serenity in her faith with the help of country music star Carrie Underwood. Kaylean Johnson experienced a brutal 8 days in the Little Naches Forest of Washington with no food or shelter.

The woman was riding a motorcycle with a 60-year-old friend when the two crashed directly into a ditch. After spending a night in the woods with no signs of help, Johnson made the decision to wander out in hopes of coming across anyone that could offer assistance. “Then we separated the next day and I went down to get food and help but I couldn’t find my way to the road,” Johnson told KOMO News.

It was days later that a Pacific Crest Trail Association volunteer happened to be marking trails close to the lost women, hearing her screams and instantly scrambling to locate the wandering victim. With the help of another man, the two were able to retrieve Johnson and bring her to safety. The woman had managed to survive the terrifying experience, admitting that one thing above all kept her faith strong and heart filled with hope.

“The song, I sing it in my heart all the time, it’s ‘Jesus take the wheel,’ by Carrie Underwood. I sung that song the night I went missing and when I got home, it came on the radio,” she revealed. With the help of good samaritans and the power of music, Johnson is now home safe and counting her blessings. You can watch her emotional interview below.