Carrie Underwood Takes Brad Paisley’s Truck Muddin’ In TV Special

Twitter / Brad Paisley

Stepping into the TV show industry, Brad Paisley delivered a whole new project in partnership with ABC – and many of his music industry friends! The show is called Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special and is a new twist on a variety show.

In a press release from ABC, they say that the show is supposed to “showcase the energy of Music City from Nashville’s iconic War Memorial Auditorium through a combination of Paisley’s signature humor, unexpected surprises, heartfelt field pieces, and rousing musical performances.”

True to form, one segment shows some of the crazy antics he gets into with his musical friends. And in particular, Carrie Underwood.

Underwood and Paisley have been very close friends for years, have recorded duets together, and have hosted the CMA Awards for quite some time. On his show, Carrie takes his new Chevy muddin’ and all Brad can do is hang on for dear life!

“Hey! You done paid off this truck, right?” she asks him concerned after hitting some huge bumps.

A split-second later, Brad’s caught on camera queasy and nauseous as Carrie laughs and continues on driving.

“I’m gonna throw up!” he said, alarmed.

The bit was a play on the show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, instead they were in a truck with sweet tea. Brad kept trying to take a sip of his tea, but the truck was rocking way too much!

Carrie’s driving is wild – she does donuts, spin outs, and even gets some air! After the ride was over, Carrie pointed out the wet spot on Brad’s jeans, which was spilled sweet tea, or so he says!

Watch the clip below.