Man Saves Fighting Bucks In River Whose Antlers Got Stuck Together

Lisa Posthumus Lyons / Facebook

A normal day in Alto, Michigan turned into quite the exciting one when five friends happened upon two bucks fighting nearby. Unfortunately, the bucks’ antlers got stuck together and as much as they were fighting each other, they were also trying to free themselves.

Facebook user Lisa Posthumus Lyons wrote, “A thousand amusement parks couldn’t provide the thrill and experience compared to what I witnessed in Alto, Michigan last week! Many have already seen some of the video I took, but I decided to share all my footage here so even more people could share in the incredible rescue of two of the nicest bucks I’ve ever seen.”

She shared three videos of her and four friends – all hunters – who helped the two bucks after their antlers got stuck together. Lisa said, “All five of us there are hunters; we knew how dangerous that situation was for the deer and for us, but we knew if we didn’t take action, neither would survive.”

When bucks get stuck like this, it is likely that either one or both will die without assistance.

The five hunters initially tried to help the bucks on land. They were equipped with lots of rope and tried to get on either side of them, but after several minutes, the fighting bucks ventured way away – and closer to the nearby river.

Some people would just give up then, but not these guys!

They followed the bucks into the water and Lyons snapped the following video where she can be heard saying, “Surprise, surprise, the bucks are rejecting our offer to help. I fear it’s not going to end well.

Lisa and her friends knew that if either of these bucks gave up, they would end up drowning and they weren’t going to let that happen. At one point, both bucks were almost entirely underwater and Lyons said, “This is a rescue operation now. It’s very dangerous.”

Lisa’s husband, Brad Lyons, had a limb saw and used it once the bucks were in the water to try to free them. The noise seemed to startle the bucks, who resisted the help for a while.

After a couple minutes, Brad was able to cut through one of the antlers and the bucks were able to run away. It took one buck a little longer to, but he eventually walked away slowly.

Your heart will be pounding throughout the entire video – trust us! Watch the video below.