Carrie Underwood Takes The Stage At CMA Fest With A Chilling Performance Of ‘Church Bells’

Country superstar Carrie Underwood took at the stage 2016 CMA Fest tonight with a show stopping performance of her hit single “Church Bells.” 

Carrie was at the top of her game and even made time between perfectly hitting every note to reach out to her fans in the crowd. Fans sang along to the somewhat dark lyrics that give warning that the perfect “Ken and Barbie” couple next door may just have something rotten buried just below their perfect shiny surfaces.

“I love a good strong woman story song…And I feel like that’s what I gravitate towards when I do a song that’s a little more edgy,” Carrie shares in a promotional video posted to her Facebook. “Its not about revenge, its about somebody being pushed to where they have to stand up for themselves.” 

The song tells tale of a young, beautiful southern belle named Jenny who is “blessed with beauty” but “broke as hell.” Jenny thinks all her money troubles have disappeared when she marries a rich oil tycoon but she quickly learns that her troubles are only beginning. The song takes you on a journey through Jenny’s relationship with her abusive husband, reaffirming the belief that you should always be careful what you wish for.

The song is the third single of her fifth studio album Storyteller. “Church Bells” peaked at No.2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and is currently holding strong at No.6.

You can watch Carrie’s performance of her smash hit “Church Bells” at CMA Fest 2016 in the video below!