Carrie Underwood’s Husband Shares How He Felt About Her Daring CMT Music Awards Performance

(Left) Entertainment Tonight / YouTube / (Right) CMT / YouTube

Carrie Underwood pretaped her CMT Music Awards performance so she could perform at Resorts World Las Vegas, which is where she performs for her Reflection residency. Since she was singing in Vegas, it only seemed fitting to give her performance a little extra flair.

Underwood sang “Ghost Story,” the lead single off of her upcoming album Denim & Rhinestones. She started off singing on a raised platform while acrobats on both sides of her performed a routine in aerial silks.

Then, in a surprising move, Underwood went up in the air on her own set of silks. She sang the last part of the song while performing a mini acrobatic routine.

Underwood’s daring performance understandably stood out as one of the best of the night.

Speaking with ET after the ceremony, Underwood explained how she came up with the idea for her performance:

Well, we we have these incredible aerialists and dancers in our show in Vegas, Reflection, and they were so inspiring,” she said. “I was like, ‘I wonder if  could do that?’ And I have the song ‘Ghost Story,’ and I felt like, well, if there’s a song to try it on, it’s this one.”

Underwood said she had a few meetings with her residency’s director and choreographer to prepare for the performance.

Although Underwood was excited to pull off some stunts in her performance, her husband Mike Fisher was a little more apprehensive. He also spoke to ET, and detailed how he felt about her performance.

I was a little bit nervous,” he said. “I watched some of the [performance] when she first started to do it, but I mean that was crazy.”

Underwood and Fisher attended the CMT Music Awards together in Nashville. Her performance was shown on large screens for attendees to watch during the ceremony.

Check out the video below to watch Underwood’s CMT Music Awards performance of “Ghost Story.” It was unbelievable!