Wild Horses Appear To Float Down Arizona River

58-year-old Kelli Rogers captured to most mind-bending video of a couple of horses standing on top of the water in an Arizona river and they appeared to be weirdly floating down it. Kelli said she was spending last month with her excited grandkids when they noticed the two horses while she was paddle boarding on […] More

Man Breaks Mississippi’s 1997 State Record For Heaviest Blue Catfish

Christopher Halley can be seen smiling from ear to ear holding up Mississippi’s brand new record for the heaviest blue catfish caught in the state since 1997. The fisherman caught the 104-pound blue catfish on Tuesday while on the Mississippi River near Natchez and he said he was using a trotline. Mississippi’s Department of Wildlife, […] More

Georgia Children Find 6ft Snake Under Their Bedside Table

A family living in Bibb County, 95 miles southeast of Atlanta, called the police after they found a 6-foot snake slithering around in one of their bedrooms. The Sheriff’s Office shared the story on Facebook. “Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement Officer Rebecca Galeazzo recently removed a six-foot Eastern Ratsnake she nicknamed ‘Big Mama’ from […] More

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