Catfish Shatters Woman’s Windshield As She Drives Down North Carolina Road

Rhesa Walston / Facebook

It’s Raining Catfish In North Carolina

Rhesa Walston from Washington, North Carolina was driving home from her mom’s house on December 18th, 2019 watching the road to make sure she didn’t hit a deer when all of a sudden a catfish smashed into her windshield.

Nope, she wasn’t driving a boat. She was driving through the backwoods of North Carolina when it happened. Apparently a large bird of some kind must have grabbed the fish from a lake and dropped it high enough in the air that when it hit Rhesa’s window it came in like a wrecking ball. The fished ended up leaving a crater in the windshield.

Shocked and panicked, Rhesa pulled over to the side of the road and called her friends Brandi Barrow and Stuart Barrow to come to her help her. They showed up and Stuart found the fish on the ground. Rhesa then took pictures of fish and her busted car window and posted them on facebook.

“Soooo. . . .I hit a catfish on the way home from my moms tonight. Thank you to Brandi Barrow and Stuart Barrow for coming to help me and finding the fish. . .because really who would believe me if I didn’t have the fish,” Rhesa wrote on Facebook.

Once posted, the pictures and her story quickly went viral. At the moment of writing this report on it, the post has 27 thousand likes, 12 thousand comments, and 113 thousand shares. Rhesa is expected to go on TV and do interviews explaining her story and the only thing she’s worried about is how she’s going to sound.

“My greatest worry now is getting on national TV and sounding like a bumpkin. However, it is difficult to explain this situation and not sound like a hick,” she told Carolina Sportsman.

That’s not the first time something like this has happened though. A few years prior, a woman was walking through a park when she got hit in the face by a catfish falling from the sky. Take a look below.