Cattle Dog Protects Rancher Pretending To Be Injured From Cows

mona_lissa_blk / Instagram

A cattle rancher’s video has recently gone viral after he pretended to be injured and his cattle dog protected him against cows trying to investigate the scene.

This apparently happened in Kimball, South Dakota and the rancher just wanted to see how his cows would react if he laid down on the ground and hardly moved. To everyone’s amazement, the rancher’s dog was in full protective mode and didn’t let one cow get close enough to touch the man.

The curious cow circled in on the rancher but his vigilant friend stood guard and kept a careful watch for possible danger the cows might attempt to inflict on his owner.

The cows looked to be more curious than an actual threat to the rancher, however, it didn’t stop the dog from making some serious snaps towards the cattle to keep them at bay. Several of the cows tried to move in closer but the dog tenaciously snapped at each cow to scare them away then would look back at his owner to check on him.

It was amazing to see the loyalty and protective nature of the cattle dog. This rancher now knows if he ever gets injured out in the field he can trust his best bud to guard him.