Caught On Camera: Shocking Moment Shark Steals Angler’s Fish He Was Reeling In

Hap Farrell / Facebook

Captain Hap Farrell with the Stunmai II Sportfishing charter in Cape Cod said he’s had his fair share of encounters with great white sharks, but on August 12, 2017, he experienced something truly special.

Captain Farrell was on the ocean with a couple of his clients when he captured footage of hungry great white sharks leaping out of the water and stealing their fish.

Both instances were caught on video, and in the first incident, which occurred in the morning, a 12-foot shark bit the head of a striper that a client was reeling in and almost had it to the boat.

In the second incident, which happened later that afternoon, another client’s catch was completely stolen, this time by a shark jumping several feet out of the water into the air.

The group of fishermen on board the Stunmai II were understandably excited by the sight. “Whoa!” they said in unison as the shark made its spectacular leap.

Despite the excitement of the moment, Farrell says that encounters with sharks are not uncommon on his fishing trips.

In fact, each boat tends to see around one shark a day. However, capturing such an incredible moment on camera is a rare treat. The footage of the second encounter is truly stunning.

Watch The Footage Of The Shark Encounters Below

While witnessing the great white sharks may be thrilling, it’s also a reminder of the power and beauty of these incredible creatures. And for those lucky enough to witness such a moment in person, it’s a memory that will last a lifetime.