Caught On Tape: Swarm Of Ducks Land In Woman’s Front Yard

BlackDogFarmAndRescue / Rumble

How beautiful it is to wake up with the little birds singing on your porch or in a tree in your backyard. Their songs bring so much joy, making a person’s day very pleasant.

BlackDogFarmAndRescue / Rumble

Iowa homeowners, Jennifer and her husband, love feeding their neighborhood birds. They fill the bird feeder on a daily basis and generously spend their money on birdseed.

However, one day, Jennifer and her husband received hundreds of unexpected guests. The winter season was extremely cold on this day and the ducks flying through were starving. That’s when they spotted Jennifer’s food supply and made a beeline for the seed.

While Jennifer expected to see one or two ducks, “it seemed like all the ducks in Iowa were descending on [her] front lawn to gobble up the seed,” Rumble reported her saying.

BlackDogFarmAndRescue / Rumble

The footage shared on Rumble showed hundreds of ducks landing in her yard. It was amazing – a duck invasion. Jennifer and her husband were happy with what they saw and said they often take care of the ducks in the neighborhood.

Generously, each week they spend $50 on corn and $20 on other seeds to feed the growing duck population. She said the ducks come by and are ready for breakfast by 7am and also stop by for dinner around 5pm. Since then, Jennifer and her husband moved to Texas where they have opened a sanctuary called The Black Dog Farm and Rescue.

Watch Footage Of The Ducks Below