Trisha Yearwood Gets “Real” With Fans – Shares Post-Workout, No “Glam” Selfie

Trisha Yearwood / Instagram

In April 2021, Trisha Yearwood posted on social media to let her fans know she had “a lot of exciting announcements coming up.” She said she “fe[lt] hopeful about the future” and was happy to have something to be excited about.

Her teaser was accompanied by a selfie of her smiling at the camera with her hair styled in loose, beachy waves. She was wearing what appeared to be a dark blue top, which she paired with a layered necklace and large hoop earrings.

Fans were incredibly complimentary to Yearwood in the comments. Many of them gushed about how beautiful she looked:

Could you like be any prettier?” one follower commented.

You are stunning!” wrote another fan.

YOU ARE SO PRETTY LIKE YOUR [sic] THE QUEEN OF BEAUTY,” said one of her other followers.


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Yearwood was touched to see all of the sweet comments on her post. But she wanted to be honest with her fans about the fact that she doesn’t always look like she did when she snapped that photo.

In a later post on the same day, Yearwood said she wanted to get “real” with her followers. She described how much effort went in to making her look the way she did in the selfie she shared earlier:

The selfie I posted earlier was after a photo shoot, so glam goddess @goodwillglendastyle had done hair and makeup for me, I had great lighting, and a filter!

Yearwood said she wants her fans to know that even though she has “dream days” sometimes, it’s not an every day (or even every moment) thing.

She proved her point by sharing another selfie. Unlike the previous picture, this photo shows Yearwood with no “glam.” She didn’t have on makeup, she was wearing her glasses, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she just got done exercising.

…this is me, after a hard workout with my trainer, no glam, no lighting, no filter,” she said. The “Every Girl in This Town” singer signed off her post by saying “Love you guys!!

You can see Yearwood’s photo and powerful message below.

Kudos to Yearwood for reminding us all about the importance of being “real” with ourselves and others!