Caught On Tape: Woman Feeds Raw Meat To Wild Coyotes In City Park

Catherine Mackey Studios - Bernalwood Discussion / Facebook

Back in July, Animal Care & Control San Francisco had to euthanize a coyote for approaching multiple toddlers at the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

Virginia Donohue, executive director at Animal Care & Control San Francisco told KTVU, “We were certainly very alarmed to see them approaching children. That’s not natural behavior. A coyote should not be walking up to a child in any circumstance. I don’t know what the coyote’s intent was, but it’s certainly a dangerous situation.” 

Authorities have since been very vocal, putting out public announcements asking folks in the area to not feed the wild animals because it statistically leads to the animal getting too comfortable with humans and attacking them.

Virginia said, “Feeding coyotes and any wildlife, makes the wildlife lose their natural wariness. They begin to see people as a source of food.” 

Even with all of the efforts made by the community and conservation officers to keep the area safe, a woman was still captured on camera at San Francisco’s Bernal Heights with a platter of raw meat feeding it to wild coyotes.

Catherine Mackey said it was 7:25pm on Sunday when she snapped a picture of the woman and told her she shouldn’t be feeding two young coyotes at the base of the park’s hill with a large tray of raw meat.

The woman responded by telling Catherine that she does it every day and she should mind her own business. At this point, the woman’s partner got out of his car and started verbally abusing Catherine, she said. Catherine got his license plates and sent it and the photo of the woman to Animal Control.

According to Animal Control, not only is feeding coyotes dangerous but it’s also illegal. They will be attempting to hunt down the individual for prosecution.

Virginia said, “We people can change our behavior. By just not feeding them is probably going to take care of a lot of the problems we have.”  

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Catherine Mackey Studios – Bernalwood Discussion / Facebook