Charlie Daniels Admits He Once Refused An Acting Role…And You’ll Love His Reason Why


Charlie Daniels is best known as a music legend, with powerful influence in country, bluegrass, and Southern rock. He’s been an active performer for nearly 60 years, and has earned some of the highest honors in music in the process. Just a few of his many accomplishments include his membership in the Grand Ole Opry and his spot in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

But what few people know about the 80-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician is that you can also tack on the title “actor” to his resume.

Daniels has appeared in a handful of movies and television series over the course of his career. His first acting role was in 1986, when he appeared in the television movie The Lonestar Kid. He followed up that role with two guest appearances on the television shows Murder, She Wrote and 18 Wheels of Justice, in 1987 and 2000, respectively.

That’s the extent of Daniels’ acting filmography, since his primary focus has always been on touring and making music. However, there’s another big reason why Daniels hasn’t pursued his acting career more extensively.

As Daniels told Rare Country in an article published on December 21, he won’t act in a film or show if he thinks the role isn’t the right fit for him. In other words, he refuses to star in anything that goes against his values or faith.

Daniels has actually turned down an acting role before because he felt the show wasn’t in line with his values. Recently, Daniels received an offer to appear on a television series that he chose not to name during his interview. He said that parts of the series were “a little indecent,” which is why he felt it wasn’t the right fit for him.

It was not particularly something I wanted to associate my name with. A lot of people probably wouldn’t see anything wrong with it, but I did. I didn’t feel right about it. I don’t have to live with anybody else but me, but I do have to live with me, and I do have to keep my conscience.”

Even though Daniels tries his hardest to maintain his values at all costs, he openly admits that he isn’t without sin. He says that’s the reason why he tries to put his faith above everything else in his life, even new acting opportunities.

That’s not such a big deal for Daniels though, since he honestly prefers singing and playing music more than any other kind of work.I’ve done a little bit [of acting], and it’s just tedious to me,” he said. “I’d much rather be onstage playing music than acting.

We love watching Daniels in everything he does, but have to admit that he’s the most at home when he’s performing on a stage. Tune in to the video below to watch him do what he does best as he performs his signature song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”