Chase Elliott’s Spotter Arrested After Alleged Assault On Pregnant Woman

NASCAR on FOX / YouTube

Eddie D’Hondt, a spotter for race car driver Chase Elliott, has been indefinitely suspended by Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR.

NASCAR on FOX / YouTube

Hendrick Motorsports decided to suspend D’Hondt, 62, after learning that the longtime spotter was arrested and charged with assault on a pregnant woman. According to, the Hickory, North Carolina, Police Department arrested D’Hondt on May 12, 2021. D’Hondt is being charged with misdemeanor battery on an unborn child and misdemeanor assault of a female.

According to Fox Sports, the incident occurred during an argument over jet ski rentals on September 7, 2020. An employee claimed that D’Hondt made “full body contact and yelled in my face, pushing me back multiple times with body.” The employee alleged that the spotter also swung his fist at her during the altercation.

Following his arrest, D’Hondt worked the two Cup races, including the event at Circuit of Americas, which Elliot won. Shortly after, Hendrick Motorsports became aware of the allegations and suspended the spotter the same day.

D’Hondt maintains that he is innocent and has filed a motion to obtain surveillance camera footage from the rental company’s property.

For more on D’Hondt’s history as a spotter, check out the video below.