Chris Stapleton Delivers ‘Nobody To Blame’ – A Song From Debut ‘Traveller’ Record

ABC/Image Group LA

Country music sensation Chris Stapleton has been praised for his success in bringing back the classic country music sound that many believe has been lost in translation…

While the singer wrote various hit songs for big-name artists like Kenny Chesney and George Strait, it was his own voice that earned him a massive following and recognition from many industry award associations.

Stapleton debuted his studio album Traveller in 2015, immediately sending his name toward the top of the charts and bringing his name up in more conversations throughout Nashville. His album was instantly loved for infusing the old-fashioned, southern rock elements with his new brand of modern country music.

“Nobody To Blame” (one of the most popular songs on the record) tells of a man who had recently lost the woman he loved – and openly admitted that he essentially has ‘nobody to blame’ but himself for it. The singer’s striking vocals carry throughout each lyric, forging a deep and emotional connection between Stapleton and his audience.

Listen to Chris Stapleton’s unforgettable hit, “Nobody To Blame” below and tell us what you think of it in the comments!