Vince Gill Nominated For Prestigious Award

Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Country music legend Vince Gill has acquired no shortage of viable recognition and awards, including an induction to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Country Music Hall Of Fame, and snagging over 18 CMA Awards just to name a few! However, despite his plethora of achievements, there is one in particular that Gill desperately hopes to hold under his belt. 

Along with artists such as Madonna, George Michael, and Jay Z, Gill has been nominated for an induction in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame! The “I Still Believe In You” singer has been successfully coining his own original hits and captivating his listeners with words of raw and genuine emotion.

Not only would this award be yet another monumental title for this legend, but it would recognize his capabilities and place him among some of the greatest songwriters music has ever seen. 

The eligible voters are expected to have completed and submitted their ballads by December 16.

Good luck, Vince!