Chris Stapleton Makes Highly-Anticipated Announcement

Sara Kauss / Getty Images

Following a traumatic injury to his hand that left him with a detached tendon and broken bone, many folks were disappointed when they got the notice concerts had been cancelled and one of the year’s hottest country concert tours had been postponed. In addition to rescheduling a bevy of shows, Chris Stapleton was also forced to forego his CMA Music Fest performance.

Even though he’s been wrapped up in a special brace designed to help his injury heal, Stapleton has been actively working toward returning to the stage – and playing guitar!

In a new announcement on social media, the man who’s been credited with ‘reviving country music’ is finally able to confirm to fans that he will be making his highly-anticipated return to the stage, and yes, he will be playing music!

First revealed in a June 1st, 2017 post, Stapleton’s right finger was shown off in a full-hand brace and he explained that he’d been in contact with a hand specialist to get him on the road to recovery. He thanked fans and said that he’d suffered a broken bone and detached tendon, being mum on the injury’s cause.

Fast forward three weeks, and he’s shouting from the rooftops that he’s headed back to the stage for a show in Tulsa where he will be taking his brace off and cranking up the country.

We are thrilled to hear that he’s made such a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him back on the stage for this soon-to-be epic performance!

All-in-all, only a few dates had to be postponed and Stapleton’s team made sure to keep fans updated with information as it happened.

Check out Chris Stapleton’s exciting new announcement below.