Oklahoma Couple Reveals Baby’s Gender In Most Redneck Way Possible

Shelby Leaming Moore / Facebook

In this day and age, most people turn to social media to share major announcements with their friends and families. People announce new jobs, engagements, and other exciting news on social media, and try to find a creative way to do so.

As social media usage has grown over time, so has the amount of “gender reveal” announcements. Expecting couples will come up with a unique way to reveal their baby’s gender to their family and friends, then film it to share online.

Some couples manage to craft some insanely unusual reveals. These videos can make them viral stars, with millions tuning in to watch.

One such couple is Colt and Shelby Moore of Mannford, Oklahoma. When it came time to find out if they are expecting a boy or a girl, the couple decided to do so in what has to be the most redneck way imaginable.

With their friends and family watching, Shelby stood on a small boat while Colt and some of his buddies got in the water. That’s when the guys started a practice known as “noodling,” which is when you catch a catfish with nothing but your bare hands and arms. Noodling is a popular activity in Oklahoma, which is why it was a fitting way for the Moores to make their big reveal.

Colt struggled for a while as he fought to bring the catfish up to the surface for everyone to see. Shelby could hardly contain her excitement as Colt’s friends rushed to help him lift the catfish up in the air.

After much anticipation, Colt finally emerged with the catfish, which had a bright pink tag attached to it! Baby Moore is a girl!

Two of Shelby and Colt’s friends released a batch of pink balloons while the couple celebrated the happy news. Shelby revealed on Facebook that they planned on naming their daughter Collins Taylor Moore.

Folks, this is how you do a gender reveal…redneck style!