Chris Stapleton Revives Country Music With Impressive New Single

YouTube/98.7 The Bull

The man who’s credited with bringing back country music to its roots has done it again and this time y’all get to hear a raw, stripped-down acoustic version of the single that will literally drop jaws!

Leading the charge on his newest musical project, Chris Stapleton‘s follow up to his wildly successful debut album, Traveller, will remind everyone why he’s considered one of the strongest players in the industry. A talented songwriter, unmatched vocalist, and a man who’s not afraid to pour his heart out through a performance – it’s clear that he’s pioneering a new era of country music.

Stapleton’s new single, “Either Way” is the perfect choice to reinsert him at the top of the country music charts and will likely be one of fans most-requested songs from their local country stations right out of the gate.

In this live performance at the 2016 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, the dark and poignant song is brought to life by his incredible guitar playing as he moves from a raspy, toned-down verse into an incredibly powerful arch of a chorus he belts as if it’s effortless.

There is no doubt country fans will go wild over this new song, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of his album!

Watch Chris Stapleton’s mind-blowing live performance of “Either  Way” from his sophomore album, Find A Room: Volume 1, in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.